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Response to Malaysia Floods
Over 300,000 people affected by the severe floods, teams were on the ground within 24 hours assisting with relief efforts.
Earthquake Relief in Nepal
Shelter projects, medical aid and food supplies were delivered in Kathmandu Nepal to thousands affected by the earthquake.
Haiti 2010 Earthquake
Teams were in Haiti for over 6 weeks after the 2010 earthquake, providing essential aid to those that lost everything.
Improving Lives in Malawi
2 new villages have been created in Malawi in 2016 supporting over 480 people who have lost their homes due to flooding.
Indonesia Homes Village
After the devastating Tsunami of 2004, we created the Al- Imdaad Village in Banda Aceh supporting hundreds of families who lost everything.
Mozambique Floods
Emergency relief teams delivered essential aid to Mozambique floods supporting thousands in need.

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