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After an initial assessment, the foundation determined that funding to provide temporary accommodation for the flood victims was one of the most pressing needs. Warm hats and dry blankets would also be greatly appreciated by the victims. After the government instructed the installation of specialist pumps to drain water in the affected areas, a massive clean-up operation was required. The Foundation therefore mobilised large numbers of volunteers to get on board for the clean-up operation. Volunteers went out showing their enthusiasm to travel to distant locations to help in the clean-up process.
Hot meals and tea flasks were also handed out in affected areas to victims who had homes and belongings damaged by the floods. The floods were the worst in 70 years and caused extensive damage around Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland. Al-Imdaad Foundation UK along with a large network of volunteers in each area responded to the crisis with passion and care, displaying a firm resolve to assist all those who had been badly affected. The teams of volunteers and disaster relief professionals covered up to 14 towns in three weeks, working day and night to help neighbours and fellow citizens at their time of need.
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