Dementia UK extends DIRECT helpline hours to cope with increase in demand for dementia care advice

Dementia UK announced as of Wednesday 15th April that it has increased its DIRECT helpline hours to cope with the rising demand for dementia care advice. As the only nurse-led dementia helpline in the country, Admiral Nursing DIRECT has witnessed a 78 per cent increase in the number of help requests since January 2013. In response, Dementia UK has increased the number of available phone lines and extended the hours of opening to include two evenings (Wednesday and Thursday, 6.00-9.00pm).

Data from the Admiral Nursing DIRECT helpline also revealed that 76 per cent of callers are female, and 56 per cent of people
who have contacted the helpline have been the daughter of the person living with dementia. The son is the next most likely
to contact the helpline (16 per cent), followed by the wife (13 per cent), husband (6 per cent),
Daughter-in-law (5 per cent), and then friend (4 per cent).

Nearly seven in ten people (67 per cent) will call the DIRECT helpline versus emailing it, showing that people would like to
hear a voice when they are seeking help and to answer their questions. Nearly one fifth (19 per cent) of cases are re-opened,
as people seek further advice on dementia care.

For one in three people (32 per cent), the main reason for contacting the helpline is for general information,
and over one quarter (27 per cent) of people seeking advice would like the support of an Admiral Nurse Service.
Other reasons for contacting the helpline include: getting home care information (16 per cent),
managing behavioural problems (13 per cent), and getting a diagnosis (11 per cent). 

Dementia UK would like to thank the Al-Imdaad Foundation UK for their generous support of £1,000.00
which will help provide support to the Admiral Nursing DIRECT helpline. Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse
and Chief Executive, Dementia UK comments: “The Dementia UK DIRECT helpline is staffed by Admiral Nurses
who specialise in dementia care. Their help is invaluable to families who are living with the effects of dementia,
and the demand for the service they provide has been steadily growing over the last year .By extending the helpline
service hours, we will be able to better accommodate people who are seeking dementia care advice,
but who work all day and can only contact the helpline in the evening.”

Sheila Wainwright from Yorkshire, whose husband John had Alzheimer’s and received support from Admiral Nursing DIRECT comments, “I swear that the Admiral Nurse saved my life. He listened; he understood my grief and my pain.”

Country Director of Al-Imdaad Foundation UK, Abdussamad Mulla stated “After months of research and dialogue
with Dementia UK we have decided to join hands and make a difference to all those that suffer from Dementia,
we will work hand in hand support this project long term.”







Joining Hands with Dementia UK to Improve Lives






























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