2nd Monthly Flour Distribution in Syria - February 2014

Al-Imdaad Foundation provides 3,000,000 meals in 2 months to Syrian Refugees

East Lancashire based charity organisation Al-Imdaad Foundation UK has delivered 25 Trucks with over 650 tonnes of flour to bakeries inside Syria to provide bread to the disaster struck country.

Since December 2013, over 3,000,000 meals have been provided to Syrian refugees with their staple diet of bread in this unique project. International projects co-ordinator Zubair Valimulla says “We are a people charity and will assist the Syrian refugees with their immediate requirement. Recognising bread as their staple diet, we will continue every month with this flour appeal. I would like to thank all the donors, nationally and globally for their sterling efforts of responding to this fantastic appeal.”

The UN refugee agency says more than two million Syrians were now registered as refugees and a further 4.25 million have been displaced within Syria. Camps have become a breeding ground for preventable diseases with inadequate sanitation in overcrowded shelters. An estimated 6 million people in Syria are in need of food assistance.

Thanks to your generosity Al-Imdaad Foundation UK have been able to save countless lives and improve many others. However, our work is never done and as the conflict continues, we will make further efforts to reach out to even more people.

Donations from the UK and its global offices including South Africa and Australia have been discharged with professionalism and care. All the updates can be viewed online at www.alimdaad.co.uk





















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