Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan

Majority of the Philippines has been obliterated by Typhoon Haiyan. Thousands of people have now lost their lives, over 600,000 have been displaced and a reported 11 million have been severely affected by the disaster. The measure of the destruction is unprecedented. Typhoon Haiyan was among the most powerful storms in recorded history, over 36 provinces were affected. Initial reports put Eastern Visayas as the most devastated area. But provinces such as Samar are still inaccessible, making the magnitude of destruction difficult to ascertain.

The typhoon crushed everything in its wake. Bodies were scattered across the landscape, roofs were ripped from houses, whilst homes, schools and airports have been destroyed. Coastal towns have been ruined and the dead are being buried in mass graves. There's no clean water, no electricity and very little food for those affected.

We're now working with our partners on the ground to deliver vital aid and support as part of an international response. We’re providing safe and secure shelter for the thousands of displaced families, clean water and sanitation facilities. With your support we are making a huge difference to all those affected.


























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