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An ongoing internal conflict, the Syrian uprising is part of a wave of social upheaval throughout the Arab world demanding greater political freedom and an end to autocracy. Gaining inspiration from concurrent regional protests, public demonstrations seeking to address government corruption, a high rate of unemployment and the absence of an effective constitution began on the 26th of January 2011 and developed into a nationwide uprising. In an attempt to quell the uprising, the Syrian Government deployed the Syrian army and several cities were besieged.










PROJECT DATES: 27/08/2012 to 03/09/2012


FUNDED BY: Al-Imdaad Foundation UK and AUSTRALIA office and its generous donors from various countries.

Al-Imdaad UK and Al-Imdaad Australia teams personally supervised Food Aid, Medical Aid, Orphan Aid, Back to School Distributions together with visiting the Al-Imdaad Medical Centre and Disability Rehabilitation Centre run and supervised by the Al-Imdaad Foundation Jordan team.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation UK and Al-Imdaad Foundation SA visited the Syrian refugees that had been trickling into Jordan late March 2012. After witnessing and seeing the plight of these refugees not only in Jordan but also the thousands pouring into Turkey during our visit,this had prompted the Al-Imdaad Foundation offices to continue its appeal and humble request to the public for donations to assist us in ensuring the continuity of Aid to these disadvantaged and oppressed people.

Over the past few months whilst your generous donations have been pouring in, the conflict and most saddening – disheartening situation in Syria has only but increased. Besides the many reports our teams have once again witnessed first-hand that woman and children, our mothers and sisters suffer the most. It has been estimated that more than 180,000 refugees have entered Jordan alone fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their bodies.

On the 27th August 2012 our head office Al-Imdaad Foundation South Africa together with Al-Imdaad Foundation Jordan facilitated and hosted a Humanitarian Aid Delegation from Al-Imdaad Foundation UK represented by Hafez Abdussamad Mulla and Brother Zubair Valimulla, Al-Imdaad Foundation Australia represented by Maulana Burhaan Mehtar and Muslim Aid Australia represented by Brother Riyaad Ally.

Some of the projects that were overseen by the delegation during this visit were:

  • “Back to school” backpacks filled with stationary for Orphans
  • Personally packed Food Hampers
  • Baby packs (formula milk, baby bottles, nappies etc)
  • Setup a Free Mobile Medical Clinic run by professional medical doctors
  • Setup a Mobile Pharmacy and Medicine dispensary unity (sponsored by the IDA UK)
  • Visited AIF Disability Rehabilitation clinic (mainly Palestinian refugees in Jarash)
  • Visited AIF Palestinian boys and girls orphanage and Tahfeez Madressa (Soof Camp)
  • Visited Al-Imdaad Foundation medical centre with state of the art quality medical equipment and laboratory in Karak City 120km South of Amman
  • Cash distributions to Orphans
  • Completing and implementing personal donor orphan sponsorships

Our delegation drove past the famous Zarqa Universirty en route to Mafraq which is very close to the Syrian border,
Hudood Al-Jaabir, Naseeb and not very far from the famous area called Ramtha.  We had bus loads of refugees, mainly mothers and children at our Al-Imdaad Foundation distribution camp. Here we distributed our food aid packs, baby packs, maternity packs and some clothing to the Syrian refugee children. 

Al-Imdaad Foundation UK would like to acknowledge The Islamic Dawah Academy in Leicester UK ( and our donors for generously contributing towards the purchasing of medication and the setting up of the mobile medical clinic where large numbers of those collecting aid distribution also had access to a free medical check-up and  medication. Due to some of the difficult living conditions the Syrian refugees find themselves in, and the extreme heat and change in weather, the medical centre was a great blessing - Alhamdulillah.

The smile and sign of happiness on the face of a mother being able to show her few week old baby to one of our doctors we would say was the highlight of the day.  Mothers and children standing in the long line patiently in the hot scorching summer desert like heat without any fuss or complain. Ask yourself, how many times have we been impatient standing in queues at checkouts?
Alhamdulillah, our Al-Imdaad Foundation team arranged snacks, cold drinks, water,  juices and lunch for these refugees waiting to receive their hampers.

One was tempted to ask every person of their stories on how they were forced to flee, but reminding them of the pain and reigniting those dreadful memories that are still vivid in their minds and hearts felt like a crime. The least we were able to do whilst watching them, was shed a few tears and thank Allah SWT for the many bounties that we take for granted.

To become a donor or sponsor one of our orphans call us on 0800 681 6011

To each of our donors whether you had contributed a penny, a few hundred or a few thousand remember your prayers are most important and appreciated.
















































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