Why I did it?
I wanted to understand what it was like for the thousands of Muslims from around the world that fast during Ramadan. I realised that by doing my fast I could also raise money and create awareness of the people around the world that do not have the luxury of a choice to fast but go without food or water every day.

How I achieved it and felt on the day?
I set my alarm for 2 o clock on the morning of my fast. I was not used to being awake this early let alone eating this early and I did not have an appetite. Regardless I began to cook up a storm in the kitchen, which the rest of my household probably did not appreciate at that time in the morning. I had toasted sandwiches and had been advised to drink as much water as I could, finished off with a banana (which again I was advised would keep my potassium levels up throughout the day). I then stopped eating and drinking at 2.25am and went to sleep ready to wake up to my fast the next day. My day seemed normal at first as I am not one for breakfast but I noticed the need for water straight away, I knew at that point that the water would be the hardest.
Once in work I began my collections of sponsorships and was so pleased that so many people were donating. So many congratulated me on my efforts and were asking me how hard I was finding it, there was a real sense of support from my colleagues.
Lunchtime was hard. Seeing all my colleagues eating some really great food but I powered through. I really began to notice the need for food at around 6pm. But I stayed in work as long as I could to keep myself distracted. Being at home was the hardest as I knew that food and water were more readily available but I kept myself distracted.
Once it got to 9.00pm I was really counting every minute. Knowing I could only break my fast at 9.46pm the last minute seemed so long. I had been given a feast of food to break my fast from my colleague and finally the time had come to devour it, ALL. It was delicious and tasted like the best food ever.

After thoughts
After breaking my fast I was instantly so proud of myself for being able to be so disciplined and control my desires for so long. I now had an understanding of how hard it was too fast and have so much respect for those all around the world that hold them, not just for one day (which seemed so hard in itself) but for the 30 days each year. I was so pleased with the support from my colleagues. The money received from my sponsorships is going to the AL –Imdaad Foundation UK where it will be used to build a new water pump so those who go without water every day will now have access to water.







Emma Fasts for a Day!






























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