Posted: 28/05/2013


Al-Imdaad Foundation UK in conjuction with All Islamic Deals presents 'Echoes of Jannah' a unique tour featuring:

- Hafiz Ishaaq Jasat

- Sheikh Ilyaas El Badr (Egypt)

- Qari Muhammad Yusuf El Badr (Egypt)

- Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf (Zam Zam Academy)

- Sheikh Yusuf Az-Zahaby (Al Hikma Media)

- Dr Ashraf Laher (Jaamiat Ulamaa Britain)

- Imaam Suliman Ghani (Islam Channel)

- Sheikh Zeeshan Qayyum (Graduate of Darul Uloom Bury)

Please see poster below for more info, dates and details:
























Echoes of Jannah Tour - 14th-16th June



















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